Astaro Security Gateway – Home User UTM

Got an old PC and a couple network interface cards lying around?  Do you want a pretty decent all-in-one security system for your home network?  Astaro Security Gateway (formerly Astaro Security Linux) is an all-in-one network security gateway providing Unified Threat Management with a firewall, intrusion protection, antivirus, spam protection, URL filtering, and a VPN gateway.

Features include a modern packet filter, intrusion detection and prevention, portscan detection, content filtering, virus detection for email and Web traffic, profile handling, L2TP, IPSec, SSL, and PPTP VPN tunneling, spam blocking, proxies for HTTPS, HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, DNS, VoIP, SOCKS, and Ident, logging, and reporting. 

It supports Ethernet, VLAN, PPP, PPPoE, PPPoA, Cable Modem, IPv6, QoS, Link Aggregation, and WAN-Uplink-Load balancing in routing, and bridge mode. The WebAdmin GUI, Install Wizard, Change Tracking, Printable Configuration, and Up2Date service make it easy to install, manage, and maintain.

It sets up in less than an hour, and works incredibly well.  Check it out.