“Microsoft” Phone Scam

Warning:  Be wary of unsolicited phonecalls.  The Better Business Bureau warns that consumers in multiple countries have received phishing phone calls impersonating Microsoft. 

How does the scam work?   The caller impersonates a Microsoft representative claiming there is a serious virus or issue with the consumer’s computer.  The caller may warn that if the problem is not resolved, the computer will become unusable.  To “fix” the problem, the consumer is directed to visit a website or download a program that gives the caller remote access to the computer.  In some cases, the consumer is then offered a corrective service for a fee.

The scam:  The caller does not work for Microsoft.  If the consumer takes the suggested actions, they give a stranger access to the data on their computer, putting them at risk for identity theft.

Microsoft’s website states, “We do not send unsolicited e-mail or make unsolicited phone calls to request personal or financial information or fix your computer.”



One thought on ““Microsoft” Phone Scam

  1. Hi, had one of these calls today, spoke to a lady from Bradford. Only managed to string them along for 16mins before they hung up. It makes me really mad that people are still falling for this scam. As if Microsoft would ever cold call.

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