Microsoft Employee Steals $460,000

Microsoft has  filed a complaint with a Washington State Superior court, suing a former director of business development for stealing nearly $460,000 from the company, and trying to grab another $1.5 million before his scheme was uncovered.  Microsoft alleges that Robert D. Curry created a fake company, Blu Games, then submitted faked invoices for services never rendered. 

As a director of business development, Curry dealt with companies that promoted downloading of the Bing Bar, an IE toolbar add-on.  Curry apparently siphoned money and goods from his employer by duping a legitimate vendor into paying Blu Games for supposedly distributing the Bing Bar, then asking Microsoft for reimbursement.  To back up the scheme, Curry is said to have created fake invoices, distribution agreements and reports, and also forged his manager’s signature.

Details at ComputerWorld.