Kaspersky Screensaver

Kaspersky has released a screensaver that updates malware stats and details every 12 hours.  I like these types of screensavers, and have used the Symantec version for years.  Both screensavers display a global view of malware infections and security issues, and then go through a series of breakdowns by country and region.  The intent is to provide a day to day overview of the threat landscape at a high level, and comparatives for how things look in your area of the world.  Information is presented for “hottest” threats, trending and attcker geo-location.  Scrolling banners also provide any attention worthy outbreak alerts. 

Things that I have never liked about these screensavers include:

  • They are not interactive.  Yeah, it’s a screensaver.  I would love to see one of these vendors actually invest the time and effort to give the app a “clear” button so that I can move my mouse around and continue to view the intelligence.
  • They are not very configurable.  I would appreciate being able to focus my intelligence display to spend more time on North America, drill down to Canada, and even the GTA or Greater Toronto Area.  This would be relevant to my business and customers.
  • The intelligence presented is canned.  Everyone sees the same material, malware, attacker, victim stats.  I would like to select the information that I want to see at a given time, based on what my internal sensors are indicating, or based on the current scrolling/statistical information presented.
  • Further drilldown should be provided.  If you are going to present the top 5 threats, let me click on them to get more information on characteristics, indicators of infection, how to detect and prevent infection, etc.