Smart Device Security @ CES

Smart device security firm Mocana co-hosted this year’s Amphion Forum with Symantec at the Consumer Electronis Show.  The Forum was a closed-door executive roundtable, exploring the threats and opportunities presented by the proliferation of connected, non-PC devices, bringing together executives from Citrix, Freescale, Google, IBM, Intel, Motorola as well as academia, research firms and the government sector. 


  • There is no time to waste” in securing connected devices.
  • We are quickly migrating toward a society where nearly everything will be connected and there is a critical need for better controls and security for the smart devices that will impact our lives.
  • The Internet and smart devices remain innovative and disruptive technologies.  Software, hardware, and services vendors are vying for an influential place in the value chain.  All business models will require better security than exists today.
  • The “cloud” is inevitable. Its services are so convenient and flexible, but security concerns remain.
  • Context intelligence is key to determining the who, what, when, where and why of any digital communication.  This context-intelligence should manifest in more personalized services, more widespread automation, and context-aware security policy enforcement.
  • Leadership and coordination are critical to implement all of the controls necessary to ensure a safe and prosperous future.

According to Symantec, “with thousands of smart device operating systems and CPU platform combinations to support and secure, every industry needs to be thinking differently about security”.  Including security and identity into smart devices today will protect against tomorrow’s threats.  Security will become an enabler, opening up access to information regardless of device or platform.