Why Do I Blog?

I get a few questions now and then, in person, over facebook, through LinkedIn, or using email, asking why it is that I blog here, and am I really blogging at all if most of my posts are just short synopses and links to “real articles”.

In my humble opinion, which is the only one that regularly appears here, yep, I’m blogging.  The posts that you will find here are posted with the intention of increasing security awareness, prompting discussions, and to provide me and anyone else that reads this blog with a quick, searchable source of information.

There is an over-abundance of information on the Internet, in news groups, email lists, forums, blogs and webpages.  I scan through this plethora of useful, interesting and other information to filter and capture what information I believe is a worthwhile read, and most likely to be referred to in the future. 

I got into IT 25+ years ago because there was so much to learn.  I’ve stayed in IT all these years because there is still so much to learn.  There is also the opportunity afforded to those so inclined, to discuss, argue, or otherwise elaborate on the topic, article or information, educating me, you and others that may stumble upon it later. 



One thought on “Why Do I Blog?

  1. Sounds like my background. I started with an IBM PC-1 in 1981 and never looked back… I worked for IBM for 28 years and retired (not my option) in 2002. Now, I run a network at an upstate NY Hospice and having the time of my life.

    Best of luckwith the blog.

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