BlackBerry Vulnerabilities

RIM has issued 2 security advisories warning Blackberry users and corporate BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) administrators of newly discovered security flaws in many versions of it’s BlackBerry handheld software and in BES.

The first advisory applies to BlackBerry smartphone users, and it warns of what RIM is calling a “partial Denial of Service (Dos)” attack, where websites with malicious code could freeze BlackBerry browsers until the browser restarts or the device is rebooted.

The second BlackBerry security advisory relates to yet another flaw in the PDF Distiller component of  BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Issues with the troublesome PDF distiller component have been identified as “severe” risks in at least 5 different advisories since 2008.

For more information on these 2 vulnerabilities and patches, visit RIM’s advisory pages here and here.