Protect Your New Mobile Devices

Laptops, cellphones, PDA’s, they can all be stolen from your home.  You want to prevent thieves from making off with your expensive portable devices if possible, but if they’re stolen despite your best efforts, you still want to protect that data.  You certainly don’t want to lose access to the data yourself, but you don’t want the thieves to gain access to confidential information that could do you harm either.  I am pretty sure that you also want to increase the chances of getting the devices that you’ve paid for back.  These 4 statements will make up our goals and objectives for this exercise in securing these often targeted gadgets. 


Protect the data.

Objectives Required To Meet The Primary Goal: 

  1. Prevent the theft of portable devices.
  2. Prevent unauthorized access to data stored on portable devices.
  3. Maintain authorized access to the data stored on portable devices.
  4. Increase the chances of recovery and expedited return of the stolen portable devices.

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