Home User & SMB Vulnerability Intelligence

You hear about software and Operating System vulnerabilities all the time on blogs like this one.  Adobe this, Microsoft that, and what about all of the other niche players like Nvidia, ATI, QuickTime, RealPlayer, AutoDesk, etc, etc, etc?  How do you stay on top of all that update information?  Well, as a large company, it helps to have a budget set aside each year for security intelligence services, asset management processes, and of course, vulnerability management efforts.  You know the drill.

What about the smaller business, or worse yet, the home user?  These are the new or soon-to-be-new targets of online scammers and malware authors.  The pickings may be slimmer, but the market is broad and wide open, since they don’t have the big databases that large victims might, but they also don’t have the resources that larger businesses would either.  I highly recommed that a business that has grown from a Mom-&-Pop Shop to a full-fledged, multi-computer business (SMB – Small to Medium Business) take a good hard look at some of the vendors that have taken a good hard look at their business models in the current economy. 

I would predict and support companies like Secunia becoming household names with their home user targeted (and FREE) Personal Software Inspector (PSI) vulnerability management product.  This product is very much as useful, professional, and powerful as their very well done commercial CSI product, not the typical scaled-down and upgradable for a fee offerings that once used to appear on the shareware and freeware markets a few years back.

If you haven’t looked into Secunia’s intelligence and vulnerability management tools for home use, I strongly encourage you to do so. 

Other products and services that I have used over the years come from Symantec and Telus.  Symantec tends to target very large corporations and government installations, and Telus’ intelligence and research feed being a fairly recent acquisition is more attuned to the SMB market.  Telus remains interested in direct customer dialogue, customizable offerings, affordable pricing and flexibile terms.  Both services are highly recommeded, depending on your budget and needs.