Fake-A/V Remains A Threat

Fake Anti-Virus programs remain a major threat to companies and indivuals on the Internet, and continue to impact Canadian computer users.  The method of operation used by the perpetrators that work this fraud angle has changed very little.  The current tredn is moving away from malicious downloads that install fake anti-virus tools onto the PC towards totally web-based interfaces, reducing the ability of real anti-virus programs to detect and protect the local PC from the scammer. 

Since there is no downloaded and installed component, at least initially, detection is left to the user’s awareness.  The objective remains primarily fleecing the user of a small amount of cash and/or a credit card number.  After “selling” the user a “solution” to the fake malware that is “detected”, the user may be offered an additional download as an upgrade or signature update.  The image below from Kaspersky’s blog report shows Canada in yellow, and the US in red, indicating the success rate of these fraudsters.

Definitely read this article to find how to identify this threat, how it works in detail, and how to combat it through awareness and tools.  Please, share the information with others, and reduce the effectiveness of this scam!