Happy New Year To All

 2010 has been an interesting year.  Let’s take a little look back, shall we…

  • There were more than enough disasters around the globe, both natural and man-made.  There was a major earthquake in Haiti, floods in Pakistan, giant snow storms in the northeastern US, volcanoes in Iceland shutting down air travel across Europe, and the Deepwater Horizon explosion and resultant oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Afghanistan saw more fallen soldiers, and the “Highway of Hereoes” was far too busy, far too often for my liking.
  • Canadians started off with a huge party as the Olympics rolled into Vancouver, and spread like wildfire throughout the country.  What a blast!  Even my young grandkids and I had something to look forward to and talk passionately about…
  • In the summer, the G20 road show literally set Toronto on fire.   I had a front row seat, working downtown, right where the action was.  This specatacle was brought to us courtesy of a bunch of anarchistic and out of control protestors making some kind of statement about some kind of cause or another, the message was lost on most of us it seems, for the sum of $1 billion.  It has left a smoking pile of political rubble and never-ending inquiries in its passing.
  • WikiLeaks snapped the world’s attention onto information security and the protection of information, for a very, very brief moment.  Too bad we seem to have the collective attention span of a household gnat and the obsessive compulsive behavior of early primates when it comes to learning something important.  Oh well, the next big network breach will give us yet another opportunity to fix the broken machines.
  • Canada found a low-life killer rising high within its military ranks.  Shame.  Ex-colonel Russell Willliams freaked us all out as he paraded across our TV screens in women’s underwear.
  • A little closer to home, my wife, like countless others, got her first iPad.  I reluctantly yielded that yeah, Apple may just be onto something there.  Apparently there’s an app for that…   8/
  • My daughter got married in THE most beautiful surroundings, and in the best of company in New Foundland over the summer.  Over 300 pictures on my camera alone!
  • My new son-in-law landed a new job, as did I.  Yay us!  We both have big, big plans, and tiny little budgets.
  • My granddaughters have grown, and my grandson has become a person.  They move too fast and grow like weeds.  A new one is about to make his earthly debut.  We wait impatiently to see if he will be a 2010 or 2011 model.  My daughter more impatiently than the rest of us.
  • My 2 boys did some MAJOR renovations on the ol’ homestead.  They got rid of our racoon squatters in the attic, re-roofed the entire house, took down 2 giant pine trees that were becoming a real problem for us and the neighbours, gutted and re-built three bathrooms, the livingroom, and put in all new hardwood floors throughout.  I remain very impressed!
  • Two weeks before the end of the year, I finally broke down and bought a car after almost 10 years of automobile-cellebacy, and sharing the daily commute with several hundred of my closest friends.  I bought a Jeep after desiring one from the age of 15.  This above all the other entries above stands to be a life changing event for my wife and I in 2011.  I now run a Gypsy-Cab out of my home for wayward and weery local travellers, looking for a quick run here or a bag of milk there.  We have many visits planned on our social calendar once again.

To everyone that reads this, may your year end fairly, may your new one begin well, and may everyone you meet wish you and yours;

                       -=[ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ]=-