Got Mad Hacking Skillz? Speak Chinese?

At a conference in Mumbai, advice was given to a young ethical hacker to learn Chinese by the National Technical Research Organisation chief at the MALCOM conference held at Saki Naka on Friday.  The fact was confirmed by the teenager.  Intelligence and law-enforcement agencies perceive a serious threat, a ‘red attack’ by Chinese hackers.  Conservative estimates drawn up by MALCON sources pointed to 5 million computers being attacked each day.  There are more than 8.9 million infected bots in existance each month.

The Chinese threat is serious because it is a growing economy and they want to sell all the goods they produce.  Apparently, Indian ethical hackers don’t know Chinese, and can’t counter the rising tide of Chinese attacks.  It is a concern that the Chinese can hack into any government website to view their commercial requirements and details of the lowest bidder, without leaving a trace of who had visited the site.  This can enable Chinese businessmen to sell their wares in Indian markets at cheaper rates, defeating Indian businesses.

There are claims that the chinese are using malware that is difficult or impossible to detect by normal means.  This sounds a little bit alarmist, and probably needs additional research and evidence, but the premise that understanding your enemy, his strengths, weaknesses, language, habits and motivations is definitely one that has been proven over time.  Looks like its time to learn a little more Mandarin.

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  1. The conference name talked here is MALCON – “International MALware CONference” and NOT Malcom.

    Here is the official website –

    Atleast your site can correct the mistake that came from original article!

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