RIM Very Busy These Days

Seems Canada’s own Research In Motion has been busy, busy, busy lately.  First, RIM’s BlackBerry 6 OS received FIPS certification from the U.S. government, which means it meets the security standards required for government agencies and regulated industries.

RIM has filed suit against Kik Messenger, a small company that has built a tremendously popular chat application, claiming patent infringement stemming from Kik’s imitation of RIM’s BBM chat service.  Kik uses the same “sent,” “delivered,” and “read” flags when a message is sent.  Kik allows chatting across multiple smartphone platforms, including Android phones and iPhones, and is fast.

A nielsen report indicates that of the 29.7% of Americans with smartphones;

  • 27.9% have iPhones
  • 27.4% are BlackBerry users
  • 22.7% have an Android device.
  • ~22% of the market is divided amongst Windows Mobile, Symbian, Linux and Palm users.

That’s a massive shift from the beginning of the year, when BlackBerry boasted 35% of the market, the iPhone had 28%, and Windows Mobile about 19%.

The story looks even more different when people are asked what kind of smartphone they would like to own next.  30% of ‘likely’ smartphone upgraders’ reported they’d like an iPhone, while 28% said they want an Android device, and only 13% reporting that they’re interested in a BlackBerry device.

I personally prefer my Blackberry, not opting for the bells and whistles provided by other mobile platforms.  My wife tells me that’s because I HAVE a BlackBerry, as she flips between FaceBook and email on her iPhone.  I like the focus RIM places on function and security rather than on platform and convenience.  If I want to build a spreadsheet I’ll head to one of my offices, rather than try to use a 4 inch screen.  If I really need to kill time, free-poker app is fine.  I don’t really need Angry Birds.  I just need a cellphone, a contact manager, an emergency-use browser, and good old email access.  (I rarely use BBM, guess I’m too old…)  I can’t wait to see what RIM comes out with in the new year to turn these stats on their head!