China Internet Diversion Clarified

Arbor Networks has set the record straight on the re-routing of Internet traffic to China reported earlier this week by multiple news sources.  In a blog post, the actual source of the “15%” at McAfee is identified, and the math disputed. 

What I don’t see in the discussion is any dispute regarding the businesses, organizations and agencies that were impacted, which to me is more critical than the actual duration or volume of traffic that may or may not have been diverted. 

The fact that this basic, fundamental routing capability can so easily be corrupted intentiaonally or accidentally in this day and age only sharpens the point that the IP-based Internet communication needs a complete re-engineering.  There STILL is NO security model within the current IP protocol suite, and its dependent architecture is majorly flawed.  Security cannot and should not be something that is bolted on later.  TCP/IP needs an enema!

Anyway, my post stands corrected, as do many many others…