BUSTED – US Federal Reserve Hacker

A Malaysian man has been charged with hacking into major US companies, including the US Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and FedComp, a company that processes financial transactions for credit unions.  Lin Mun Poo, 32, was arrested just hours after landing in New York and selling US$1,000 worth of stolen credit card numbers at a Brooklyn diner.  US Secret Service investigators found more than 400,000 stolen credit and debit card account numbers obtained by hacking into computer systems of financial institutions on his laptop.

After being arrested, he told investigators that he had flown to the US to meet an unidentified person who could regularly provide him with stolen card numbers.  He intended to use the numbers to withdraw cash from ATMs.  His widespread activities also saw him compromising the computer networks of several major international banks and companies, hacking into a “major Department of Defense contractor” which provided systems management for military transport and other highly sensitive military operations, and earning money by finding and exploiting vulnerabilities or trading and selling the information.  The US Department of Justice said in a Thursday court filing that Poo is a flight risk and should not be granted bail.

These are the guys that keep me awake at night.  They have no regard for the people who they are impacting.  Not just the folks that have their bank accounts and investment funds cleaned out, but the people that lose their jobs because of the breach and the subsequent downsizing that takes place in order to deal with the reputational losses.  These are families, with real commitments, and I hope this guy is forced to make retribution and burns in jail for a long, long time.