Adobe Announces Reader X -=[SooN]=-

Adobe has released Reader X, the latest version of its popular PDF reading software.  The Windows version includes a “sandbox” called Protected Mode, intended to protect users from PDF attacks.  Protected Mode isolates system processes, supposedly preventing malware from escaping the application. 

If Reader needs to perform an action that is not permitted in the sandbox environment, like writing to the temp folder, those requests are funneled through a “broker process”, controlled by a set of policies stipulating what is and isn’t allowed.  This technology should take a significant amount of pressure off of Adobe, whose products have become a favorite target and delivery mechanism for malware distribution.

The Mac OS X and Android versions lack the sandbox technology.  Adobe has not laid out a timetable for offering Reader X to existing users, however the company will not initially roll out the new version via Reader’s built-in updater.  It will be offered to users of older versions first, before version 9 users.

Learn more about it here.  I hope that they do something about Flash soon.  It remains a standing and often overlooked target.