Well, There Goes The e-Neighborhood!

Nearly 15% of the world’s Internet traffic — including data from the Pentagon, the office of Defense Secretary Robert Gates and other US government websites — was redirected through computer servers in China last April, according to a congressional commission report obtained by FoxNews.com.

According to a draft report, a state-owned Chinese telco, China Telecom, hijacked” massive volumes of Internet traffic during the 18-minute incident.  It affected traffic to and from .gov and .mil websites in the United States, as well as websites for the Senate, all four military services, the office of the Secretary of Defense, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and “many others,” including websites for firms like Dell, Yahoo, IBM and Microsoft.

I hope the report is released publicly, as I would like to understand how we can start building IP’s replacement protocol suite, since the baby AND the bathwater are tainted, FUBAR.  I’ve said it for over 10 years, IP is crap, build a new suite with security at its heart!  I hope the governments and big corporations regularly super encrypt their really sensitive stuff…




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