Canada’s National Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction

Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety, has announced Canada’s National Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction, to better protect Canadians in the event of a disaster.  The establishment of Canada’s National Platform further strengthens existing coordination on domestic disaster risk reduction initiatives developed by Public Safety Canada, such as the National Disaster Mitigation Strategy, the National Strategy and Action Plan for Critical Infrastructure, and the Federal Emergency Response Plan

“Natural disasters, such as floods and severe weather can happen almost anywhere in Canada and it is important we do everything possible to reduce the risks before such events occur,” said Minister Toews. “Through the National Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction, we are ensuring a comprehensive, coordinated approach to emergency preparedness and disaster recovery. Everyone benefits when governments, non-government organizations, academia, and the private sector work together toward the same goal – the safety and security of Canadian families.”

The National Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction also allows stakeholders from across the public sector, the private sector, academia, and non-governmental organizations to:

  • Share ideas and action in order to address disaster risk reduction issues
  • Work towards better integration of disaster risk reduction in national emergency management policies, plans and programs,
  • Strengthen stakeholder relationships to address gaps in prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

Check out the full announcement.


Bredolab Botnet Busted!

Dutch police have teamed up with security organisations to dismantle the Bredolab botnet’s command and control servers and the Armenian Police to arrest the mastermind behind the botnet network at the international airport in Yerevan. 

The Bredolab Trojan which allows criminals to capture bank login details and other sensitive information, has infected at least 30 million computers worldwide since July 2009.  The Netherlands Forensic Institute NFI, security firm Fox-IT and the Dutch computer emergency response team GOVCERT.NL assisted in the takedown of 143 servers, using the botnet itself to alert victims that they were infected. 

Dutch National Crime Squad

Dutch National Crime Squad-Update.