Adobe Announces Reader X

Adobe has announced the new Acrobat X Family of Products which includes Reader X as well as Acrobat X Suite, Acrobat X Pro, and Acrobat X Standard.   Reader X will be available for download next month.  Reader X will feature a “sandbox” to limit the access that PDF-based scripts can have over the user’s operating system, reducing the PDF file’s attack surface.  PDF readers have been increasingly targeted by hackers as an attack launch platform.

Some of the new features being offered in “X” include the ability to:

  • View and interact with PDF files that contain an even wider variety of content types, including drawings, email messages, spreadsheets, videos, and other multimedia elements.
  • Make notes and share your feedback with others by marking up PDF documents using Sticky Notes and Highlighter tools.
  • Choose reading mode to fit more content on the screen or two-up mode to view page spreads.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts like print, zoom, and find within the browser.
  • Take advantage of the added security of Protected Mode in Reader, which helps ensure safer viewing of PDF files.
  • Directly access online services at from within Reader X. Perform common tasks such as creating PDF files, securely sharing and storing documents, and screen-sharing.
  • Expanded PDF access via mobile devices with free Adobe Reader for Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry Tablet OS

 Can’t wait to see this new version in action, and monitor the stability and isolation that the sandbox provides this application.  The bad guys could use to lose an attack platform or two.