UK Police Charge 11 Over Zeus Trojan Scam

The Registier reports that UK police investigating a suspected Zeus Trojan e-banking fraud ring have charged 11 people with a variety of fraud and money laundering offences.  The accused, all east European nationals resident in Essex, participated in a series of frauds targeting customers of HSBC, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays Bank and Lloyds TSB over the last three months that resulted in losses of £6m.   Eight people have been charged with fraud and money laundering offencesand two have been charged with a conspiracy to defraud.  A further suspect has been charged over possession of an allegedly false Lithuanian passport.

Score one for the good guys, but I’m pretty sure this is the tip of a very dirty ice-berg.  Zeus knowns no jurisdictional or geopolitical boundaries, and has targeted American and Canadian banks.  There hopefully will be more charges and arrests.

The Register

Yep, thought so…     The U.S. Attorney’s Office confirmed law enforcement action in the United States but would not give additional details until a press conference scheduled for 1 pm ET.   Over the last year, Zeus has come to dominate the criminal ecosystem for banking trojans. The malicious software, which is sold for hundreds of dollars by its developers, has been spreading since 2006, but jumped in popularity a year ago, according to Microsoft data. One reason for its popularity: Other developers can create and sell plugins for the software, adding features like the ability to exploit newer vulnerabilities and manage spam campaigns targeting a specific industry.


Just keeps getting BETTER!!       The FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York announced charges today against 37 people accused of being part of an international crime ring that stole $3 million from bank accounts by infecting computers with the Zeus Trojan and other malware.   Between federal and state charges, more than 60 people total are being charged in the operation, officials said.


A little bit about the UK accused profiles  –  They worked as web designers, supermarket workers, day laborers, some were unemployed.  UK police say that the group of Eastern Europeans, also made millions…