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ComputerWorld’s J.F. Rice puts out a great series called the Security Manager’s Journal.  Real people submit their experiences, and they are published with anonimty for others to learn from.  Excellent resource that I have been sipping from for the past few years, and no, I have not submitted an article (yet).  This month’s “The way we’ve always done it” resonates with me from so many past engagements.  We all tend to fall back on the old familiar ways when time is a factor, or we simply don’t realize there has been a change of direction. 

Most definitely worth a read if you are involved in IT, Development, Project Management or Security.  In my career I have had to wear several of these hats, and walk in the shoes of each.  Funny how perspective can change with time to reflect on and understand how the same issue can be viewed from different sides of the business.


2 thoughts on “InfoSec Manager’s Journal

  1. Tangentially related: I saw on LinkedIn you were attending the CNY Cyber Security Conference Hosted by InfraGard in upstate NY. Did you finally attend? If so, would you post your views on the conference? I lived in upstate NY up until a few months ago, when I moved to Toronto.


  2. Hi Bob,

    This is one of many events that I flagged as “Interested” in attending. I keep them there as a reminder to self that I just gotta get out more. Not that I need a reminder, my wife does enough of that…

    Wish I could have gone and could have shared an opinion. I am hoping that my new position will allow me to attend more events and training sessions. I was somewhat training starved at my last two gigs, times being tough and all. I am hopeful that the future is brighter in that regard. On the positive side, this did encourage me to forage through the Internet for some pretty good and inexpensive training resources. That might be blog-food. Let me see if I can get something organized around that in the coming months.


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