Facebook, Fak-A/V, G-Mail Scams

Sophos sent out these little nuggets this week.  Looks like Apple and Facebook are getting some serious recognition, as a brand and as an attack vector…

iPad and iPhone 4 tester scams hit Facebook
It sounds too good to be true – Can you really get a free iPad 3G or iPhone 4 by signing up just to be a tester?  It’s just the latest scam spreading rapidly between compromised Facebook accounts in the last few days.  Discover more, and ensure that you and your employees are practising safe computing.

Malicious spammers launch major fake anti-virus attack
SophosLabs’s worldwide network of email-monitoring stations has seen a tidalwave of malicious messages being spammed out with an attachment that redirects users’ web browsers to a fake anti-virus attack.  Once installed, Fake-A/V is responsible for a wide array of additional malware infections, from spyware and keyloggers to full remote control and Denial of Service attack software installation.  The emails have subject names such as:

  • Parking Permit and/or Benefit Card Order Receipt - <random number>
  • You're invited to view my photos!
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Your Bell e-bill is ready
  • Your Vistaprint Order Is Confirmed
  • Vistaprint Canadian Tax Invoice (<random number>)

Did Gmail make you look like a spammer last week?
How mortified would you feel if you found that you had been spamming someone through no fault of your own?  Well, up to 4 million Gmail users found out last week.  Find out how a problem with the Gmail service meant up to four million users were couldn’t stop the system sending out multiple messages.