ComputerWorld reports that if malware were biological, the world would be in the grip of the worst pandemic in history.   Malicious programs now outnumber legitimate ones by many orders of magnitude. 

In 2009:

  • More than 25 million different unique malware programs were identified.
  • The Conficker botnet, with more than 4.6 million infected computers under their control, became the world’s largest cloud computing user.
  • 48% of the computers antimalware vendors scan are infected with some sort of malware.
  • Trojan horse programs make up 66% of all threats.

No doubt about it, malware is trying to steal money, through data theft, bank transfers, stolen passwords, or swiped identities.  Each day, tens of millions of dollars are stolen from innocent Internet victims, and yet many security experts can’t tell you what the biggest threat is to their environment.  Today’s malware is written by professional thieves.



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