17,000 San Antonio Hotel Guests CC Compromised

17,000 guests at the Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio had their credit-card numbers stolen and used in a 3-state shopping spree to buy farm and ranch equipment, tires, machinery, all-terrain vehicles and other goods.  Prosecutors unsealed indictments Thursday against 5 people in the largest identify-theft case ever in San Antonio history.

The suspects stole stacks of stolen credit-card receipts from a storage room at the hotel to make counterfeit credit cards.  Some of the victims — mostly tourists — didn’t realize their information was compromised until months or even years later.

The indictments charge Ruben “Hollywood” Costello; his wife, Elena Ramirez Fraga; Cody Quincy Jones; Randy Ray Flaharty; and Samuel Micha Dyer with conspiracy to commit identity theft fraud.



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  1. What’s worse is there are individuals out there who were involved that are still walking the streets…Samuel Dyer was involved with two women during this time. One woman, was involved with aquiring and using these stolen credit credit cards.

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