Comodo Malware Prevention

Ah Shane, you brought Comodo to my attention a few years ago.  Good on ya, mate!  I like it, and not just because it’s free for the home-user, although that helps to sweeten the deal.  Comodo is now a leading brand in Internet security, providing businesses and consumers worldwide with security and trust services, including digital certificates, PCI scanning, desktop security, and remote PC support.

Small businesses, local governments, educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations have begun reporting staggering financial losses due to malware attacks.  These mounting losses are due in part to weaknesses in conventional PC security solutions.  Because most threats are unknown at the initial point of contact, they are unlikely to be blocked by conventional signature or blacklist based security software. 

Comodo Security Solutions recently announced the release of Comodo Endpoint Security Manager 1.5, combining the malware prevention capabilities of Comodo Internet Security software together with scalable central administration features for businesses with dozens to thousands of PCs.  Comodo claims “breakthrough features” in this version, including Auto Sandbox Technology and a limited warranty to repair PCs damaged by malware.

Core security is provided by Comodo Internet Security 4.0 and using “Default Deny Technology”, only those files that are on the safe “whitelist” of over 15 million files are allowed to run and access critical system resources or information.    All other files are either blocked, because they are known to be unsafe, or automatically “sandboxed” if their safety is unknown.  While sandboxed, an application is closely monitored and given limited privileges; it can only write to a virtual file system and registry.  Comodo’s unique, patent-pending Auto Sandbox Technology relieves users and administrators from having to make difficult decisions about which applications to block and which to allow, making the product both easier to use and more secure than most alternatives. 

Comodo Endpoint Security Manager 1.5 is priced per endpoint. Prices range from $22.95/year for 100 or fewer, to below $10/year for over 5000 endpoints.  For more information, please visit Comodo’s Website.