Adobe To Patch Monthly?

Ouch, another Adobe patch!

It looks like Adobe may have finally seen the light, and is preparing to jump off the tracks before that on-coming train takes them right out of the picture.  Adobe has become a big red target for vulnerability exploitation and payload delivery and has been taking some serious fire lately for the security shortcomings of their flagship products, Flash, Acrobat and Reader.  They may now be on the verge of changing their patch release process to deliver patches on a monthly schedule, coinciding with Microsoft’s monthly Patch Tuesday releases.  What a novel approach!

This  change would mark the second major change to Adobe’s release process in the last 12 months.   In 2009 the company moved to a scheduled quarterly patch release.  That change from ad-hoc, random releases was generally well-received, providing advance notification, the ability to plan and schedule deployments and maybe even do a little testing.  This latest change is intended to get patches out to their customers quicker.