Score one for the good-guys!  A German online crime forum was hacked and the underground dealings of the criminal denizens, exposed.  The hackers snagged the database containing what appears to be all the private correspondence of the forum members, and posted it to the web.  The hackers also posted information on the IP addresses forum members used when they signed up for membership, noting that most of the administrators and moderators on the site didn’t use a proxy to access it.  They also posted usernames, e-mail addresses and some cracked passwords of members, who number 5,000.  The data was posted to the RapidShare file-trading site. was hacked through a poorly secured web server, according to the attackers, who disclosed their method and reason for hacking the
forum in an e-zine they published with one of the data files:   Carders is a marketplace full of everything that is illegal and bad.  Carding, fraud, drugs, weapons and tons of kiddies.  They used to be only a small forum, but after we erased 1337-crew they got more power.  The rats left the sinking ship.  The voices told us to own them since carders is our fault and we had to fix our flaw.  So we did.

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