Credit Card & ID Thief Busted

Langley RCMP uncovered a credit card making and stolen ID operation after arresting a 33-year-old Abbotsford man trying to buy cellphones with a fake credit card at Wal-Mart.  The suspect who is well known to police was arrested March 25th, but is free again and doesn’t have to make his first court appearance until June 30.  Fleeing the store, the suspect got into his car and lost control, ending up in a ditch outside the parking lot.  Shoppers watching this unfold were able to advise police that the driver had fled to a nearby field, where he was arrested.

The arrest led police to execute a search warrant of a property where 600 counterfeit credit cards, a laptop computer and various pieces of false identification were found.  Police later learned the computer contained over 80,000 lines of credit card data that could be encoded into the counterfeit credit cards.  Police will be recommending charges of uttering a forged document, possession of credit card data and possession of instruments for forging credit cards.