Visa Warns on Trojan Keyloggers

Visa has issued an alert to its transaction processing members and to retailers of all sizes that trojan-driven keylogger incidents are on the rise.  According to Trusteer, attacks on retailers’ terminals by keyloggers is due to the fact that they are susceptible to the same type of malware infections as office and home PCs.  Many retailers’ terminals are also subject to leasing and maintenance contracts, meaning that they tend to rely on the supplier for their IT security protection.

The increasing sophistication of criminals looking to rip off retailers and their card-carrying customers is a problem that will not go away because, as existing avenues of card fraud are closed off, crooks will attempt to open up new ones.  Consumers can do their part by installing a browser add-in such as Trusteer’s Rapport software, which is offered as a free download by many banks.  Retailers should contact their till terminal supplier for advice on their own IT security options.