3D Anti-terrorist Action – Trojanized

Beware Trojanized versions of 3D Anti-terrorist action, a first-person shooter developed for smartphones and uploaded to several Windows Mobile freeware download sites.  The game comes with a hidden nasty courtesy of Russian virus writers.  Compromised phones will start to silently make expensive international calls without user involvement, as reported in the XDA-Developers’ forum.

Tricking users into downloading malware using games as a lure has happened many times before, and is far from restricted to Windows mobile devices.  A similar ploy was used 6 years ago to distribute Mosquito to Symbian phones and pump up the SMS charges.   Mosquito  A full write-up of the new threat, complete with screenshots, can be found in a blog posting by Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at F-Secure, here.