PWNAT Tunnelling Tool

The programmer behind the Samy MySpace worm has turned his mind to a potentially more useful – although just as as controversial – endeavor, resulting in the creation of a tool to connect two devices on separate networks without any port forwarding.

The pwnat tool creates a tunnel between two computers on separate private networks, separated by NAT, over the Internet without the need to reconfigure routers for port forwarding.  This allows the bypass of routing restrictions that might be in place without access to the router itself.  Not the kind of tool that I would condone using in most cases, but one that we all need to be aware of.

Samy describes the utility as “a proxy server that works behind a NAT, even when the client is behind a NAT, without any third party,” and that pwnat means that “both sides are fully communicating over UDP, allowing protocols that run over TCP to tunnel through.”  Can ya see me cringe and shudder?

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