Cat Out Of Microsoft’s Phone Bag

Looks like Microsoft has been inviting the press with a cryptic invitation for an April 12 “mystery event” whose mystery has been revealed.  The invite said only that “It’s time to share”  offering no clue as to what would be introduced.  C-Net’s Ina Fried reports  that a source has confirmed that the announcement will focus on two new phones.  The devices, code-named Pure and Turtle, both slider phones, come with a touch screen and keyboard.  In the U.S., the devices will run on Verizon Wireless’ network and go on sale next month.

Those wanting an iPhone should keep their focus on Apple’s April 8 event.  Microsoft’s true run at the iPhone won’t come until Windows Phone 7-based devices arrive later this year. Turtle and Pure are more in line with the market Microsoft targeted with the Sidekick, the T-Mobile instant-messaging device it acquired as part of its 2008 Danger acquisition.