Mariposa Cellphone Infections

According to Cnet, Panda Security has been investigating a recent cell phone infection incident in Spain.  Several HTC Magic phones have been found to be carrying the Mariposa botnet agent.  This malware is known to steal private credit card and banking information.  The alleged ringleader of the Mariposa botnet was arrested earlier this month, but the virus is still popping up in various places.  After Panda Security’s report, Vodafone Spain launched an investigation into the cell phone virus infections.

It seems that over 3,000 HTC Magic handsets have been infected by the malware after a batch of cell phone memory cards became infected.  The incident seems to be isolated to Spain for now, but no one knows how the virus got onto those memory cards.  Apparently, the malware remains dormant while on the cell phone until a user connects the phone to a PC.  Once connected, an auto-run process executes the virus.

Panda Security has provided a downloadable vaccine that disables auto-run on your PC to prevent the virus from executing automatically.  SD memory cards and USB thumb drives have also been infected.  Currently, approximately 13 million PCs have been infected so far.