Microsoft Adobe Collaborate On Patches

Microsoft and Adobe are working together on the security patch development process, possibly leading to Adobe issuing patches via Windows Update.

Microsoft has confirmed the collaboration, saying it is "currently working with Adobe to develop solutions to improve the software update experience for our mutual customers,".  A Microsoft spokesperson was unable to specify a timeline or the nature of the collaboration.

Adobe hinted at a Microsoft collaboration in an online Q&A held in late February.  In response to a question about whether Adobe would consider working with partners for patch distribution, Adobe’s Brad Arkin said, "We are working very closely with Microsoft for SCCM/SCUP/WSUS integration, which is targeted to happen before the end of the year." 

Enterprise customers typically disable built-in update mechanisms and use their own enterprise tools for deploying updates.  It will be interesting to see if this breeds more collaboration, perhaps with Symantec’s Altiris team, or other vendors.