My Network Operations Site

I cobbled up a site ages ago that I still refer to on a daily basis.  I share it here as it may be useful to others.  It used to be hosted at yahoo-geocities but Rogers no longer offers free web hosting to its customers.  The new page uses Java for some of the various displays, and flash for the navigation bar (looks like black and yellow hazard tape) and it provides quick access to many useful resources. <updated Oct 29, 2009>


One thought on “My Network Operations Site

  1. Looks like my ISP, Rogers Canada, is no longer offering free Yahoo-Geocities websites to their customers. All websites will be unavailable after OCtober 22nd. Time to relocate to another hosting site, and re-do my site once again. It’s been 5+ years, so I guess an overhaul is overdue.

    I will temporarily relocate to Angelfire until I can find a site that doesn’t insert those annoying banner ads. I like iframes, so always end up with double or triple the ad space as a flat site…

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